Book Det Irske Telt

There are several ways Det Irske Telt can come to your event and there are several packages we offer, these packges give an idea of what we can offer. We can design a package to suite your event.


- Popular for Markeds & Festivals 2-3 days and more who have local foriegninger as bar staff & helpers to run the bar.

Det Irske Telt provide:

-Live music program from 12:00 - 02:00 - Solo, Duos & Bands that are popular in the Danish / Irish Pub Scene

-Sound and light + Soundman.

-Decoration - Side Awnings/Wallpaper, Irish Pub Banners, Flags, T.Shirsts for staff etc.

-The Festival/Event are to supply the Tent, The Stage 5 x 10 meteres, Daisy chain Lighting green/white, Tables, Benches, floor/dance floor, Security when needed, Summerhouse / overnatning for the musicians.

-The event is to supply food and drink for the Musicians and a backstage area is to be supplied in the form of a portocabin/tent where they can change and leave their equiptment. Minimum requirements are a Fridge , Mirror, Table, Couches.

-The Tent team come in a day before the event and set the equiptment up. There is to be an area by the stage where a Table is to be set up for T-Shirts and Merchandice & media Stand. Det Irske Telt provide Gratis Wifi for the tent for the whole festival.


FESTIVAL PAKKE - Musik, Bar & Grill Bar

1-3 days and more who just want Det Irske Telt as a complete package where Det Irske Telt provide everything from the tent, tables, benches, floor, professional bar staff, Live music all day and night, a food stand selling anything from Flæskesteg to Fish & Chips & a whiskey bar.


Musik Pakke uden Det Irske Telt Navn/Theme.

If you already have a similar theme/Irish Tent and would like Det Irske Telt to just book the Music program and run the stage professionally that is also an option. Det Irske Telt will advertise it as part of their summer tour on the T-Shirt / website / medias and the Event will get the extra advertising. There were some people who followed Det Irske Telt Tour 2015 and made it to every event.- (watch out for groupies)


Please contact us via KONTAKT SECTION  and we will get right back to you or you can always call Neil on 20237149